The 10 Stages Of Building A Millennium Green


LAND IN EAST THIRSK - The "7 acres" is allocated in the Thirsk Local Plan from 1980 for recreational purposes. In 1997 the opportunity to purchase the top 3.5 acre site arose, which Hambleton District Council purchased for 55,000.


Initial plans were that the land would be passed to Thirsk Town Council. However, the Clerk Mrs. P. Dunning identified the Millennium Greens initiative. A bid is made o the Countryside Commission and this millennium green is accepted as one of 25 pilot sites nationwide. A development scheme is drawn up by the District Council's Design and Maintenance Section which was used by the Countryside Agency to apply to the Millennium Commission for a Lottery Grant to create 1000 Millennium Greens (in the event there was only sufficient funds for 100)


The District Council and Thirsk Town Council work together to draw up a development scheme. This is submitted to the Countryside Agency and grant is awarded


The scheme is put out to public consultation with a parish meeting at East Thirsk Community Hall. Following on from that a number of individuals and organisations have their names put forward and a Trust is formed.


The Trustees take over the scheme from the District Council and Thirsk Town Council. The development scheme is agreed after a habitat survey was undertaken. The District Council employs Gordon West Horticultural Services to undertake the preliminary ground work. The site is cleared of rubbish, flattened, the main path laid, the grass and wildflower area are seeded and some shrubs planted. The scrub is left as an important area for wildlife


Volunteer weekend and planting of 1000's of trees and shrubs. Trustees clear ditch. Trustees now in charge.


PLANTS GROW! Trustees gradually develop site taking on board the ideas of local people. The bridge is installed opening up the site to more members of the public and the path is laid in the Play Area.


PLAN THE MILLENNIUM FEATURE,Working with RANY, the trustees are keen on a mosaic. Volunteers drawn together, who design then make the mosaic. It is cemented and then installed over two weekends in April 2000.


Millennium Green is now well established for the millennium. Arrangements made for the continuous maintenance with Workcraft


Plants, Birds, Insects love it! We look forward to the future use and enjoyment for residents